Chateau De Khaoyai with French Colonial Style

Chateau de Khaoyai Escape from the chaos of your everyday urban city living to the serenity of nature in a paradise surrounded by rolling hills and florishing greenery. With an average temperature of 23°C (73°F) all year round, this is truly a traveler's dream destination. Merely 200 km away from Bangkok, it is situated in the Khaoyai National Park, a landscape rich with natural beauty and preserved charm.

The all year round comfortable weather and vast landscape will make you feel like living in Europe, and this is the origin story of the one and only, Chateau de Khaoyai. This project was largely inspired by Central European aesthetics, especially the sophistication and grandeur of French architecture. Each structure, both the interior and exterior, was designed with meticulous detail to convey the aristocratic magnificence of a European scenery. The construction employs the baroque style to exemplify the opulence of each design. Always keeping your convenience and relaxation in mind at all the facilities provided. Live like European nobility every steps of the way as we deliver to you the best in recreation and leisure.

Chateau de Khaoyai is the getaway destination rich with the charm of colonial heritage and the ease of ultimate relaxation. We are delighted to welcome your visit to a magical land here on earth, within your reach, a place that will charm you to no end.